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Licencja: nieznany
Języki: łacina
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Nazwa rodziny czcionki MeninBlue
Nazwa czcionki MeninBlue
Nazwa stylu Regular
Identyfikator czcionki Men in Blue
Wersja czcionki version: 001.003.098 3/4/98
Znak towarowy © Digital Empires Inc. 1998. Portions copyrighted Steve Tune 1998
Projektant Steve Tune
Projektant link
Link do sprzedawcy (dostawcy)
Producent Digital Empires Inc.
prawa autorskie Copyright © Digital Empires Inc. 1998 All rights reserved
Opis Shareware/donationware This is a shareware/donationware font created by Steve Tune of Digital Empires. It is an original work not derived from any copyrighted work that I know of!. The font is complete as is and you may use it. I have put a lot of effort into creating new and original fonts and would like to know if you like it. So email me at If you feel a sense of guilt, keep it, I would like to see people give or donate without pressure. I am providing these font as a reminder that the net has given alot and I want to give a little back. So much for the socialy impaired mind I have. I do need some money to keep me encouraged to do more fonts. So, don't feel guilty and don't procrastinate and send in your small contribution and there will be more font for the taking! TX Mailing Address: Digital Empires C/O Steve Tune 1825 the Oaks Blvd Kissimmee, FL 34746
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