Bauhaus Arabic Light czcionka

Licencja: Płatny
Autor: Naghi Naghachian
Języki: łacina
Przykład czcionki Bauhaus Arabic Light Przykład czcionki Bauhaus Arabic Light Przykład czcionki Bauhaus Arabic Light Przykład czcionki Bauhaus Arabic Light Przykład czcionki Bauhaus Arabic Light

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Nazwa rodziny czcionki BauhausArabicW05-Light
Nazwa czcionki Bauhaus Arabic W05 Light
Nazwa stylu Regular
Identyfikator czcionki Naghi Naghashian:Bauhaus Arabic W05 Light:2018
Wersja czcionki Version 1.00
Znak towarowy Bauhaus Arabic is a trademark of Naghi Naghashian.
Projektant Naghashian
Projektant link
Link do sprzedawcy (dostawcy)
Producent Naghi Naghashian
Licencja NOTIFICATION OF LICENSE AGREEMENT You have obtained this font software either directly from Naghi Naghashian or together with software distributed by one of MyFont's licensees. This font software is a valuable asset of Naghi Naghashian unless you have entered into a specific license agreement granting you additional rights; your use of this font software is limited to your workstation for your own use. You may not copy or distribute this font software. If you have any questions regarding your license terms, please review the license agreement you received with the software. General license terms and usage rights can be viewed at Naghi Naghashian can be contacted at: Tel.: +49(0)9681 9196469
prawa autorskie Copyright © 2018Naghi Naghashian, All rights reserved. This font software may not be reproduced, modified, disclosed or transferred without the express written approval of Naghi Naghashian. This typeface is original artwork of Naghi Naghashian. The design may be protected in certain jurisdictions.
Opis Naghi Naghachian is designer of Bauhaus Arabic. Bauhaus Arabicis based on the new developed metrics for Arabic letters, invented for a greater typographical flexibility. The font includes the Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. It also includes proportional and tabular numerals for the supported languages as well as conventional mathematical symbols.
  • 31.10.2023
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